Unemployment Benefits Coverage and Duration in Florida


An unemployment benefits claim in Florida that is approved will need to be paid to the claimant by the state. When claiming benefits for unemployment, the claimants have choices for how to receive payment. The federal unemployment benefits are distributed quickly and easily to assist unemployed residents with their transition to a new full-time job. Options for requesting payments and dates for expiring benefits are also shown on the CONNECT website for recipients of unemployment benefits. As a claimant, it is important to know your payment choices, how to file another claim to continue receiving benefits, and when your benefits will expire.

To learn the ins and outs of these important aspects, review the following sections:

  • Claiming benefits for unemployment in Florida
  • Requesting unemployment benefits payments in Florida
  • Unemployment benefits expiration in Florida
Claiming benefits for unemployment in Florida

To claim unemployment benefits in FL, a claimant must have completed an online application on the CONNECT portal and been approved by the state officials. An unemployment benefits claim will need to be made every two weeks for claimants who are still eligible for the assistance. The easiest way to request another two weeks’ worth of benefits through the unemployment program is on the CONNECT portal. After signing into your online account, you will need to follow the instructions to file another claim to receive more benefits through the program.

Before claiming benefits for unemployment in Florida, a claimant will need to prove he or she is:

  • Unemployed, or making less than $275 per month
  • Actively making job contacts and adhering to work search requirements
  • Able and available for full-time work

If you are looking into how to claim unemployment benefits as a recipient, the rules of the work search program are very important to know. If you live in a low population county (a county with less than 75,000 residents), you are required to make at least three job contacts per benefits week. If the county you live in has a population of 75,000 residents or more, you are required to contact and record at least five work search contacts you have made each week to continue receiving benefits.

Requesting Unemployment Benefits Payments in Florida

To claim unemployment benefits in FL, a claimant must choose which method of payment he or she prefers. On the CONNECT portal, the claimant can choose to have the funds directly deposited into his or her account or to sign up for a debit card that can be loaded with the eligible funds. When claiming benefits for unemployment, both methods are quick ways to receive the funds, so it is up to the claimant to decide which is more convenient for him or her.

Federal unemployment benefits that have been approved can be added to the balance on the Florida Visa debit card. If you choose to receive your program funds in this way, as soon as the claim has been processed, you will see the balance on the card. An unemployment benefits claim in FL that’s been approved will be paid within the next week. The balance can be checked through the credit card company by calling. However, there are a limited number of free calls to check the balance of the card. If you exceed this limit, the debit card will be charged for the call.

When claiming benefits for unemployment, a claimant will need to continue to file claims every two weeks while he or she still wishes to receive benefits. A recipient of benefits can request the new monetary payment of benefits on the CONNECT website. If direct deposit is chosen as the preferred method of payment, the claimant will need to be sure the account information on file in his or her account is accurate and accessible.

Unemployment Benefits Expiration in Florida

An unemployment benefits claim in Florida will last 365 days. Those who claim unemployment benefits will face the expiration date of their claim after one full year of receiving benefits. An unemployment benefits extension is not currently available in Florida, so expired benefits cannot be extended. After receiving a year’s worth of unemployment assistance, recipients of the program will no longer receive funds through this program.
Expired unemployment benefit claims in FL may be eligible for other programs not funded through the state or federal government. Recipients who are still unemployed and qualify for the program can continue to periodically check their CONNECT account to see if any extensions have become available. If no unemployment benefits extension has become available, prior claimants may look into other financial assistance programs to help.