Unemployment Extension in Florida


A Florida federal unemployment extension is the first thing benefit claimants ask about when their unemployment benefits are about to run out. Filing an unemployment benefits extension is not as easy as it seems, however, and it may not be available in the state. Claimants who have run out of benefits compensation may need to look at other options to help them through their transition period to a new job. If you have asked “How can I extend unemployment?” you will need to know about the process. Learning how to continue receiving your unemployment benefits and what to do if you need an extension of benefits will put you on a path to receiving as much financial benefits from the program as possible.

Review the following sections to learn more about extensions and continued benefits.

  • Options for unemployment compensation extensions in Florida
  • Unemployment benefits extension in Florida
Options for unemployment compensation extensions in Florida

A FL unemployment extension is often sought out after benefits run out for a claimant. After the initial claim is filed, a new request for benefits must be filed every two weeks to continue receiving compensation. Claimants asking how to get an unemployment extension can refer to their CONNECT account to file a continuation of benefits. An FL unemployment compensation extension is not available in the state right now, but a claimant can continue to claim unemployment benefits until the entire year of benefits is exhausted.

  • After the first claim, the next request for benefits can only be claimed:
  • On the Claimant Home screen in the CONNECT portal of your account.
  • If you still meet all eligibility requirements, including an income of less than $275 per week.
  • If you are participating in job searches and contacts that satisfy the state’s requirements.

Since an unemployment benefits extension is not applicable at this time, claimants can continue to file claims for unemployment benefits for a total of 365 days. An unemployment compensation extension is not valid, especially when a claimant gets a full-time job or stops complying with the qualifications needed to receive unemployment benefits. When your CONNECT account balance reaches zero, you still cannot claim more benefits until the two-week period has passed. It is important to manage the money awarded to you responsibly to avoid experiencing a low balance before you can claim another two weeks of benefits.

Although FL unemployment extensions are not available right now, one may become available when the state is experiencing high rates of unemployment for a sustained period of time. Once the federal government decides to extend benefits to existing recipients, eligible candidates will receive a notice in the mail for further instruction.

Unemployment benefits extension in Florida

“What can I do to extend unemployment?” is a valid question asked by claimants who are coming in on the last of their available unemployment benefits. A Florida unemployment benefits extension is not available at this time for those currently receiving unemployment benefits. At the end of the full year of receiving these benefits, the financial help will no longer be offered to claimants in the state. Without a federal unemployment extension, many claimants who have run out of benefits are looking into other local or government programs available to continue with financial assistance during their employment transition.

If you were planning on a FL unemployment benefits extension but it is not available to you, check into other government benefits programs that you may qualify for. Visiting the government and state websites and looking for links to financial assistance programs is the best way to begin researching other programs that can provide you with assistance.

Without an unemployment extension, the balance in your CONNECT account will show as zero. It is important, however, to be sure you don’t qualify for another two weeks’ worth of unemployment benefits before giving up on the program. The CONNECT account will alert you with the next date you will be able to submit a claim for more benefits. If there is no date available, the system will show that your benefits have expired and the program is over.

An unemployment compensation extension is not allowed with the Reemployment Assistance Program, so you will need to start researching other programs if you are still interested in receiving monetary help from a government program. Without a FL unemployment extension, it will be important to read up on the other options available to see if you meet the criteria of another program. The state may offer a referral program to help you find either local or federal programs to help with financial assistance while you are actively looking for employment.